Jerry Lefler, RPR, CRR, CM, CSR

Jerry Lefler joined the Executive Reporting Service team in July of 2010 bringing with him over 30 years of professional talents to the field of court reporting. His background includes being awarded three U.S. patents related to the development of Digitext, a computerized shorthand theory and translation system. In addition to Digitext, Lefler founded Realtime Captioning, Inc. which provided realtime captioning services for CBS, ABC and NBC both locally and nationally. Mentioned in the book, “The Court Reporter’s Guide to Cyberspace” by Gary D. Robson, Lefler is credited for most likely being the first to try realtime online by designing a steno machine called the “Impression Writer” that had a 286 computer in it and routed its output to the keyboard input of a computer.


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