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POSTED FEB 05, 2015 10:33 AM CST


courthouse-1330873-sA man accused of killing two California sheriff’s deputies blurted out a confession during a status hearing in his case on Wednesday and asked for execution.

The defendant, Luis Enriquez Monroy Bracamontes, was “clearly animated” and “appeared almost jocular” as he smiled at journalists in the Sacramento, California, courtroom and asked them, “How you guys doing?” the Sacramento Bee reports.

After the hearing ended, Bracamontes blurted out, “I killed them cops,” the Sacramento Bee says. “I did it. … I’m guilty. … I want a date of execution.” The Associated Press and KCRA also have stories.

Bracamontes’ public defenders, Norman Dawson and Jeff Barbour, tried to silence their client but he was undeterred. “Execute me whenever you guys are ready,” Bracamontes said.

After the hearing, Dawson told reporters that Bracamontes’ reaction was caused by anxiety. Bracamontes is accused of killing sheriff’s deputies Danny Oliver and Michael Davis Jr. during a manhunt on Oct. 24.

McGeorge School of Law professor John E.B. Myers told the Sacramento Bee that everyone in the courtroom could be subpoenaed as witnesses to Bracamontes’ statements. It’s even possible the defense lawyers could be called to testify against their own client because the courtroom statements weren’t privileged, he said.

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