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Diane Emory, Kristin Gutierrez and Pam Gaylor preparing for the next seminar

Whew… another successful Florida Court Reporters Association (FCRA) annual convention under our belts! And this one was really special… the 50th Anniversary Tour. Tour? Yes, the theme this year was “Florida Court Reporter Rock Stars” and stars they are!!

No wonder the seminars are on the weekend - there would be no court reporters left to do the work - they're all here!

The weekend was jam packed with “seminars ranging from the challenges of reporting the Casey Anthony trial to technology and social media tools…” 2010-2011 president Robin Merker, RPR, FPR wrote in the program’s welcome message. She went on to add that other topics would include “an update on lobbying efforts, the increasingly murky world of ethics, and the connection between rock and roll and reporting.”

Kelly Milioti, Catherine Frommer and Cindy Bender during a breakout session

Add the luncheon, happy hour reception, breakfasts and the 50th Anniversary Celebration Party and, well… Whew! That’s a lot of learning, networking and fun to pack into 2 ½ days! But, we’re Court Reporter’s! We can take it… and more!!!

Did you take any photos? If you did, please send them, especially photo’s of the party – we’d love to post them!!