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gavelAll these years later I will never forget Lauren the Liar.  

After numerous multi-million dollar verdicts and success beyond anything you will ever attain in your lifetime, I will never forget you: the bloated Jury [Foreman] that I couldn’t get rid of and that misled and hijacked my jury. You lied, said you had no involvement in defense—no biases. It was all bullshit. You deprived a very nice lady, [Patty] Hartman, from recovering in a smoking gun liability case. You either had no idea of what the concept of probable cause meant or you misled the jurors because you were defense oriented. You rooted for the underdog, a totally incompetent corporate counsel, outgunned and stupid. I will never forget the high-fives after the trial you tanked[,] between you and a clueless [corporation] counsel. “I feel attacked.” Well you should get attacked you A-hole. Good Luck in Hell.

– an accusatory email sent from Frank Panetta of Massimo & Panetta to Lauren Curry, four years after he lost a case where she served as his jury’s foreperson. Panetta claimed Curry had “hijacked” the jury. At the time she served on the jury, Curry was an associate at Debevoise & Plimpton. When she received Panetta’s email, she was a senior associate at Brown Rudnick, where she’s currently a partner. Panetta was publicly censured for harassment of a jury foreperson (who happened to be an attorney) by the New York Appellate Division for the Second Judicial Department.

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