It’s hard to keep up with technology as it seems to change by the minute and it certainly keeps us on our toes!  Here at ERS we strive to be on the cutting edge of technology in order to offer our clients the latest innovations to save time and money. This month we’ll focus on one of our newest and favorites – Mobile Transcripts.

Mobile Transcripts

What are Mobile Transcripts?  It’s a productivity app that was designed and developed for court reporters, offering an inexpensive yet innovative service specifically formatted to be viewed/read on your iPhone, iPad and Blackberry.

Each deposition or court transcript is given a unique name and is “sent” to your mobile device where it becomes a truly dynamic and interactive file.  You can review, highlight portions of testimony and ultimately, if you choose, email a log of those highlights to your expert witness, client, associate, paralegal or anyone else working on the case.  The beauty of mobile transcripts versus traditional email is that you don’t need Internet access… just log into your mobile email.  It works anywhere your phone works.  This means you have access to your transcripts wherever you go.

Some other features include the ability to request previous depositions be sent as a mobile transcript thus making any transcript you need handy and at your fingertips.  The app also includes a billing timer that you can turn on or off as needed.  Also, the transcripts remain on your phone until you decide to delete them.

Sign up for a free account.  Go to and click on the Mobile Transcript button for instructions and to download the app.

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