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Back in the day Bob Dylan sang about “the times they are a-changing.”  Jump ahead to 2010 and the song still applies and can be updated to “the laws that are a-changing.”  And, I know that everyone in our line of work will agree that we have to do extra duty to stay on top of all of the changes.

In response to this, we are adding a new category to our blog called “Need To Know.”   We will post links to all articles we come across that deal with any changes or additions to the legalities of our business and the courts in general.

This first post is an article from Jacksonville’s Daily Record that ran this month.  It deals with the “notice of confidential information within court filings.”  Are you familiar with it?  It goes into effect October 1 so we had all better become familiar with it as it now must accompany any court filing that includes confidential information.  Information like Social Security and bank account numbers…information like juvenile delinquency records and grand jury records. The new form that needs to accompany  court filings has a total of 19 specific items that should be considered confidential.

What happens if you aren’t familiar with this new ruling and the accompanying form?  You could accidentally be putting confidential information about your client(s) online for the world to view. Granted this all applies directly to Attorneys, but it applies to us also in that the more we are informed of any new laws or rulings, the more value we bring to our field.

Click on the link below to read this informative article.  And, if you run into any other articles of interest on these subjects, please put a link in the comments section.  Let’s all band together to stay informed!

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