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Read the brief example below and you’ll agree!

In this case, this accident happened more than 2 1/2 years ago; right?

A  Yes.

Q  You’ve probably investigated a few accidents since then?

A  Yes.

Q  And you’ve probably been involved in training people that are investigating accidents?

A  Yes.

Q  Is it unusual for you not to remember all the details of this accident 2 1/2 years ago?

A  No.

Q  Okay.

Let me ask you:  You concluded in this case that the bicyclist was riding his bicycle at the time of the accident; true?

MR. HINEY:  Calls ‑‑ lacks foundation.


Q  Go ahead.

A  Yes.

Q  Normally, would you conclude that based upon talking to the people there and looking at the vehicles; correct?

A  Yes.

Q  Anything else you can think of that you would rely upon to make a conclusion like that?

A  Just independent witnesses or people involved.

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